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Summer Fun: Ebony Bones & The Last McCarren Park Pool Party

Besides shooting Voltaire and other interviews at Dances of Vice II, I spent part of this past Sunday at the last McCarren Park Pool party. This was my first summer to experience the pool party concert series, so I am glad I was able to go to at least two of the shows.

I found this clip on Flickr that was shot from the audience during British artist Ebony Bones‘ performance:

– by Flickr user hell yes!

While at the pool party, I was able to get a brief interview with Ebony Bones prior to and after her set. Her music is so sick, you can’t help but move your body. I am looking forward to her album dropping soon!

Props to Bryan (Kaos Blac) for telling me about her. He always seems to know about hot artists from all corners of the globe.

You can watch some of what I shot with Ebony Bones after the jump:

Ebony Bones

Ebony Bones has such great style; her outfits and jewelry look like something out of a cool comic book (check out all the photos of her on Flickr). She is an inspiring artist to me because she transitioned from being a successful working actress into a talented (and working) songstress. She follows her own rules and uses the web and DIY methods of promotion to get the word out about her music.

After having so much fun at the pool parties, I regret waiting until the last summer series to actually attend. Daniela, there’s a time and a place to be a homebody/hermit. During cool weekend shows is not the best time to hole away from the world and besides – music soothes the soul. Oh well. Lesson learned.

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