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Introducing Professor Purr (aka Stinky)

I snapped this last Saturday while taking measurements and photos of my apartment. Stinky is looking forward to my furniture purchases… so he can defile them with his claws.

It has been six months since I rescued this guy from a pee soaked crate. I never intended for the name “Stinky” to be permanent – or for him to stick around so long. But now he’s officially mine and won’t answer to anything else.

I don’t consider myself an animal person in the sense of being really in love with animals great and small (I haven’t even had a cat since I was seven). I didn’t even really like him at first. But…

Stinky deserves some credit because in the past few months he has taught me a lot, just by being in my life. I used to make excuses to myself for not being able to take on certain things. But when it comes to my pet’s care, there is no room for excuses. His daily upkeep (which at first was incredibly annoying) is barely a blip on my radar now. It’s as automatic as breathing.

Coincidentally, since I rescued Stinky I have introduced other things into my life that I didn’t think I had room for – going back to school, starting a band, joining a gym and other unexpected decisions.

Sure, he’s just a cat. But he’s also a symbol of dealing with the unpredictable nature of life in a healthier way. The more I care for him, the more I seem to care for myself.

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  • Victor

    Congratulations on your cat. I have 2 rescued cats and I can’t imagine myself without them. People that don’t like cats thing that they do not show affection like dogs do, But once you bond with a cat, you are theirs forever and they inevitably make your life better. So a toast to Stinky! Hope you have many happy years together.

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