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Kajillion Dollar Idea Of The… Month~ Netflix: Mobile Style

So according to CNET, Blockbuster is in talks with all major mobile makers about partnerships that would basically let me watch my favorite movies on my ipod and future crackberry.

Netflix is (content-wise) superior to Blockbuster. They are already offering instant streaming of available titles from their site – why not take the leap and allow DRM protected movie downloads to partner/sanctioned mobile devices? Netflix titles on your ipod/crackberry? I can say with confidence that all of my friends who are Netflix members would use this service.

Netflix – partner with itunes.  Let us movie fans/crackberry & ipod users sync our devices to itunes and/or some sort of blackberry/netflicks platform and load up on movies for on the go stimulation.

We won’t care that we can only watch them on the devices/not be able to share them. Do you know how much I would rather watch a movie on the subway than face the fact that I am stuck in a silver tube with Captain Coppafeel? I can pretend I’m answering an email, but really secretly catching up on all the Fassbinder works I haven’t seen yet.

Come on! GIT-R-DONE!

Hey GreenCine – If Netflix won’t do this, will you? Please. Thank you. You already offer  DVD sales, rentals and Video-on-Demand streams and downloads-to-own. I would renew my membership if you would also offered automatic downloads to my mobile device.

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