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Spotlight Live + Ziddio + Fame Seekers = The New American Idol

While reading a (meatspace) back issue of the Hollywood Reporter on the subway last night, I stumbled onto something horrific – I was completely unaware there was a giganto karaoke bar near my work. Actually, it’s less a bar and more of a veritable thunder dome for questionable talents competing for space on several screens, and of course, for a space in your hearts.

via jwilly’s flickr

According to the Hollywood Reporter story, Spotlight Live is a 22,000-square-foot karaoke restaurant and bar in the heart of Times Square that allows anyone with a fantasy of insta-fame the opportunity to be streamed singing their butchered Phil Collins repertoire online and on a Times Square video display board. There are regular contests, one that happened this week where some lucky patron had a shot at a recording deal with Epic Records….

Spotlight Live is really capitalizing on the current demand for more pairing of UGC and professional content. The lure of being able to dine in a club setting while watching performances from both wannabe and top artists like Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keys appears to be a winning formula. Many more artists have performed at Spotlight Live since it’s opening in April, which can only nurture wannabe starlets hopes of reaching the upper echelons of the karaoke circuit – and possibly, your itunes playlists.

Comcast provides all the technology which means that beyond plastering your crooning mug on, customers can upload performances online from the restaurant’s recording booths or their home computers. To top it off, Comcast’s relationship with Ziddio means that anyone (essentially) in the world can also watch your performance on its user-generated Ziddio VOD channel from their living rooms. “Look mom, I’m singing badly in front of millions of people and you can’t stop me!”

Meanwhile in meatspace, patrons can enjoy gourmet meals at their tables while voting on their favorite performances, instant message other tables, and post their votes and comments online using touch-screens at each table. The Cool Hunter reports that vistors get the full star treatment – complete with fake paparazzi waiting at the door, your record contract waiting to be signed inside, getting whisked to the VIP green room, access to a professional band and back-up singers, etc.


How much you want to bet we see a “Spotlight Live” reality show in the near future?

And yes, of course Spotlight Live has a MySpace page so feel free to get to know your fellow fame seekers.

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