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Will I Start Using Jott Again?

Mashable posted yesterday that Jott, the voice-to-text service, is getting ready to launch its newest feature, Jott The Vote. Visit the Jott blog for more details.

Basically their new service allows you to call a number, your voice will be transcribed into text and sent both as an e-mail and a voice file to the candidate’s email address.

You can see “Jotted” questions and comments from other people on the Jott website as well as polls that track, among other things, which candidates are “winning by Jotts”. You can create a candidate widget that displays all related Jotts. You can also listen to the Jotts as well.

I’m trying to think what use this service has to someone like me.

Who Are You?

What sort of people support these candidates? Through the widget I’m not getting much. There isn’t an option to view a Jotter profile, so really all I get is to read their Jott and listen to their voice. I suppose if I noticed a Jott that was really provocative and inspiring, I might be curious enough to check out that Jotters profile page. Unfortunately, that is not currently an option.

How Do I Track Jotts Without Having to Go To The Website?

If I was REALLY interested in the conversation happening around a candidate through Jott, I probably would want to be updated on it. But I don’t want to have to visit the website every time. Are they going to offer automatic text updates?

In the same vein, what about tracking the conversations/comments on Jotts? Where can I see that? If someone sends a message that I find idiotic, and I want the opportunity to respond to that idiot, how can I do that? And how can I do that without having to turn on my computer? A parallel/sub level within the widget for Jotter-To-Jotter responses would be helpful. I don’t necessarily want my response sent to the campaign office, but I may just want to comment on a comment. Maybe. Probably not, but I like options.

Where Have You Been, Jott? And Why Should I Care?

I’m being honest that I completely forgot about Jott after stumbling onto them back in April, while taking advantage of Big In Japan’s mashup, Egorcast.

Egorcast lets you call a Jott number, say whatever you want, and the message is then transcribed and automatically submitted to your Twitter/Jaiku. Now that is useful. Kind of. I only used it three times, but there are definite useful applications that should be further explored in other spaces.

…Perhaps Jott should partner with Big In Japan to create a more robust version of Jott The Vote that I and others who barely care won’t forget about in two weeks.

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