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Web Jobs I Want to Hook Up my Bro With V.1: Mahalo and BayTSP

Are you on the internet all the time anyway, need a job, but don’t really want to deal with face to face human interactions all day?

(It’s OK, sometimes I feel that way too)

– via guspim’s flickr

Maybe you should move to So-Cal.

According to Tech Digest (also on this Jetset episode and here on my favorite mag Fast Company‘s site), Santa Monica based is a great place to work – especially if you are already a web addict like my bro. Employees are (among other things) paid to create customized search result pages on all sorts of topics and keep them updated. Free lunch, health benefits, flexible hours, and a decent salary are some of the perks.

(HeeHee! “Chocolate Rain” will never get old)

A Ventura County Star report says that a former bartender named Joe Bersik sits in front of a flat-screen monitor about eight hours a day, pulling up Internet videos. His job is to find pirated material and get it taken off the Web, thanks to BayTSP.

Yes folks, he gets to watch YouTube clips and flag them. Analyst salaries start at around $11 an hour. Perks include subsidized 25-cent sodas.

It seems to be getting easier and easier for today’s youngstas (although the guy at BayTSP is in his 50s) to avoid a lot of the lame jobs I had to do in my teens. I would have much rather flagged YouTube clips for hours than be maced by a crazed Carl’s Junior patron, believe that.

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