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I Cannot Stop Listening to Christophe Willem


Yes, I am obsessed. This guy is so entertaining I can hardly stand it. His gangly body, ultra feminine voice and perplexing personal style has me completely enraptured.

I discovered him during my trip to Paris this past May, while I was watching Nouvelle Star in my hotel room. In June, a friend ordered his CD and gave me a copy. I’ve probably listened to it at least one hundred times.

You would think that being obsessed with someone who sings in French would increase my grasp of the language, but unfortunately it hasn’t. I couldn’t keep my tutor, so I’ve been teaching myself which *surprise* isn’t working very well. …After all my moving business is sorted out this weekend, I am signing up for classes here.


  • Estelle

    Me too! I’m just as obsessed to the point that he’s all I can think about…hum, I’ thinking to go on detox very soon 😉 . More seriously, I hope you get to understand the lyrics of his songs very soon because they are really what makes him unique and truly exceptional…Brilliant!!
    A huge fan of Christophe Willem

  • Leslie

    I am in the same situation! It’s like Louis
    Theroux meets Kate Noonan and like a teenager
    I keep playing his music over and over, encore
    et encore, lol.

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