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Work ‘Ish, JETSET Love, Crepe-tasticness, and Beet TV suprise


Hottest MCs: Get Fired Up!

Get a glimpse of our Hottest MCs in the Game debate. It’s time to ring the fire alarm!

A considerable amount of work always goes into these kinds of specials, but I felt compelled to give props to everyone involved with MTV News: Hottest MCs in the Game. Especially to Sohyung, who built the feature. I’ve watched everything several times by this point and passionate debate is always something that makes me smile.


YouTube Debate Gets Heated

See the Democratic presidential candidates faced with some unusual and downright ballsy video questions.

Michelle’s package on the CNN/YouTube debate went online earlier today. Even though I’m up to my eyeballs in Web 2.0+ work, news, and research all day long, the way this debate functioned still kind of blew my mind.


* Yes, you know what JetSet is. But did you know they are having an online party Monday, July 3oth @ 6pm PST to celebrate the 500th member on MIX? There will be pizza, surprise guests, lip sync battles, and cool geek prizes.

What a great way for them to further engage their audience, by rewarding them for their participation through interactive entertainment… Smarties!

** Like Crepes? Live in NYC? Check it out. Check out my hilarious interaction with The Barnes as well. Ok, it’s funny to me.

alantra (4:03:39 PM):

DanielaInfinity (4:03:51 PM): I WANT TO GO ON A CREPE ESCAPE

alantra (4:04:57 PM): if you were a boy

alantra (4:05:01 PM): and you yelled that in public

alantra (4:05:06 PM): i bet somebody would beat you up

alantra (4:05:08 PM): lulz

DanielaInfinity (4:05:11 PM): lmao

alantra (4:05:14 PM): rue des crepes looks good

alantra (4:05:45 PM): that sounds like something that the rich bitchy girl from willy wonka would say

alantra (4:05:54 PM): “daddy, i want a crepe escape! i want it now!”

*** Beet TV FINALLY is available as a podcast! I’d like to think that my constant complaining about this in my blog and the one time we met in person has something to do with this, but it probably doesn’t. Whatever – it happened, great.

**** Last week’s pipe blast was just a ways across town from where I work. People were talking about it all day, and the debris clouds were really frightening. Check the flickr images.

My friend made a comment the other day: “I saw [something random on the street] and was going to take a picture of it but then I thought ‘it will end up on flickr anyway’ so I didn’t bother and just found it later that week.”

I wonder how much will change in her life and those who benefit from citizen journalism when Flickr video begins…


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