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The Learnin’: It Ain’t Easy. (And Linkage)

I started french lessons this month and was *shocked* to discover how freaking hard it is to juggle intensive instruction, a full time job, and my 8 trillion personal endeavors.

There’s nothing like putting in a full day’s work and then going home to study.
Yes, this entry is almost entirely me complaining, and it has been tagged as such.

 Links I Liked Today
– Why Your Web Marketing Strategy Needs A Widget – Fast Company*

*There’s a surprise in there ^_^

– NBC Universal yesterday announced the launch of myNBC, a social networking site created for fans of NBC programming.   – Beet TV

-  Don’t Let NYC Destroy Local Filmmaking: Filmmaker Jem Cohen (“Chain”) sent an email around this morning, alerting friends to the fact that the New York Mayor’s Office of Theater, Film, and Broadcasting wants to severely restrict the ability of amateur photographers and filmmakers to operate in New York City.  – Anthony Kaufman’s Blog

According to ComScore, In May 132 million Americans — seventy-five percent of the U.S. internet users — viewed streaming video online – NewTeeVee

– Second Life running on Nokia n800: Check out the mobile wizardry of Second Life resident Wrestling Hulka, who has a limited version of the virtual world running on the Nokia n800. – 3pointd

~ Bonne nuit!

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