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I am Sick & Going to WidgetCon ’07 tomorrow!

Well, I am definitely not coughing up my lungs anymore, but I am still a bit under the weather. So it was nice to discover that Andrea, editor-in-chief at Freewebs and one of my MyBlogLog contacts, will be liveblogging at WidgetCon.

I know I said I would liveblog on here but come on – I’m sick. Give me a break ^_^

I will be taking lots of notes about what I see/what is going on/things of interest, and will dutifully bring my findings back to my bosses at the job and will definitely post them here as well.

Apparently there’s a full house for this conference and a long waiting list. Thanks again to Justin for giving me the heads up in time.


  • andrea

    hey daniela – sorry we didn’t get to meet today. looking forward to your thoughts on widgetcon. and i didn’t hear any loud hacking and coughing so i’m guessing you’re feeling better… ;->

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