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Fox Searchlight and VMIX: A Match Made in Blog Heaven

Last summer, Fox Searchlight created an account on VMIX. They currently offer over 200 clips of tasty film behind-the-scenes content.

You can watch clips and snag embed codes from Fox Searchlight’s official website, or through VMIX.

VMIX is an online community catering to filmmakers, musicians, and fans of both groups. It offers useful blogging fodder like embed codes, streaming audio, and more. By joining VMIX, you can do things like friend major film studios and perhaps get someone to watch your otherwise undiscovered artistic gems. Maybe. Who knows.

I suspect the primary motivation behind Fox Searchlight’s partnership with VMIX was to increase search ability for it’s exclusive content.

Fox Searchlight isn’t the only giganto company using VMIX — Lions Gate Films, NBC, Bravo, and Sony Pictures are among many who have joined the flock. You can read more about VMIX’s game plan here.

VMIX is also on MySpace, with the caption “Creative Is Sexy”. heheheh. IFC is in their top 16, and they have posted a quote from Fox Searchlight:

“VMIX is the video provider for our redesigned Fox Searchlight site because of their superior video encoding, ease of integration and the abillity to fully brand our viral player.”
– Stephanie Allen, EVP of Creative Advertising and New Media, Twentieth Century Fox Searchlight

I haven’t joined VMIX and probably never will, but I do like the option of watching and sharing clips I find while on the Fox Searchlight official website, and VMIX’s player works well and is unobtrusive, unlike some others I can think of. I know its the VMIX player that I am using, but it’s not so garish that it is distracting from my viewing experience.

I only wonder why Fox Searching didn’t jump on the Brightcove bandwagon like everyone else… Perhaps because Brightcove serves everyone, while VMIX is tailored to film makers and fans.

In any case, you can find a whole mess of neat behind-the-scenes clips on VMIX for the Fox Searchlight release Joshua, so if you are into that check it out.

Here’s something much more awesome out of the Fox Searchlight/VMix archive:

Join Mira Nair in a special closed lecture at Columbia University about THE NAMESAKE.

Mira Nair and editor speak about how important the transitions and different cutting styles added to the telling of the story.

I was an Art Department intern on this film. Check out the snazzy Christmas decorations in the movie, then look for my name in the credits. Yeah, that was me. Jealous? I know you are, Julia Barnes.

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