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Facebook Hooks up with Everyone & ByeBye MySpace

Facebook is such a player! According to Cynopsis, Facebook says it is attracting 1,000 developers a day building new tools for the open source Facebook Platform. New widgets include a video player developed by SplashCast that allows users to watch the most recent Rocketboom podcast. The Skype Me application allows friends to ping each other via Skype.

I know I am not the only person suffering from the LAST FM/Facebook integration issues. This relationship was pure genius but seriously, get it together asap.

Back in May, CBS attempted to be cooler by hooking up with LAST FM. Teehee. I know this is old news but if you are my mom or Jessicah Pratt, it’s new to you.


Embracing MeatSpace (for now)

After 4+ years, I recently deleted my MySpace profile. I also deleted my old LiveJournal account, and attempted to delete my Friendster account but was prevented from doing so.

Message I was sent:

You may cancel your account at any time. From any Friendster page, click on “Settings” (top right of page) > scroll to bottom of this “Settings” page and click on “Cancel Account” > follow instructions.

Starting from “Cancel Account” – new page opens
Scroll down to middle of page to “Cancellation Form”: make sure below fields are populated in order to proceed with cancellation process.

1. Email address: Enter your email address you use to login to Friendster
2. Password: Enter your password you use to login to Friendster
3. Check one of the options and state your reasons for second last and last options in given fields (Optional)
4. Do not forget to check on verification; ‘Yes, I want to cancel my Friendster account”.
5. Hit on “proceed” button once

If you think you are still logged in, hit refresh on your browser window.

That is fine and dandy. I did all those things and in the menu for inputting your password, it kept denying it although it’s the same password I have used for years. I have sort of given up on deleting it for now and am mostly just pleased with how I have zero qualms about removing myself from most social networking spaces.

Essentially, beyond work related needs, I am trying to keep things simple. The friends who matter will track me down, and I can look forward to hearing about their lives in person, on the phone, through texts, and emails. Not through blind bulletins and blog postings. I seek simplicity and quality.

Sure, I still scan my 300+ blog feeds everyday and my usual social media snoopage, and because of my job I am online more than I am offline.

But for now, it’s important to me more than ever that when I am offline- I’m off. Sorry. If you really want me to know about something, call, text, or email. Do not count on me to check your twitter, blog, or profile updates. I will be completely oblivious to humorous comment threads. For now, I’m releasing myself into the sweet embrace of meatspace.

Last night on the J train I watched a little boy do a cheeto dance in his stroller (he had a bag of cheeto’s and suddenly burst into this hysterical wriggling dance with the bag), and I thanked the universe that I wasn’t obsessively checking my texts or vmail or else I would have missed it.

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