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Oh, that Governator! Schwarzenegger Makes Bizzare Comments about Latinos

I was born and raised in California. Right around the time that I left for NYC, my state did a very stupid thing and elected Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor.

At the time I was a leglistative research assistant, and I would have to deal with passing through crowds of his supporters marching around the capitol. His fans were a mix of yuppies, stay-at-home moms, wastoids, and just plain college freaks with Terminator shirts on who seemed to think it was all some hilarious game.

The Governator himself is pretty funny — He recently decided to impart some words of wisdom during the National Association of Hispanic Journalists convention.

While responding to a question about how Hispanic students can improve academic performance, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger advised Latinos to “turn off the Spanish television set” if they want to learn English.

The Governor continued, “…I see at the Capitol in Sacramento, there are so many Latinos who speak Spanish all the time, they speak to each other in Spanish.”

Excerpt from California Democratic Party Blog:

¡No me digas, Gobernador! Perhaps those Spanish-speakers you overheard in the Capitol are still discussing your Spanish-language campaign ads, which aired on – GASP – Spanish-language television! Or possibly, you just happened to overhear your staffers who translate your Spanish-language government website.

Schwarzenegger’s interest in education is seemingly admirable. This past spring he announced that the costs of California community college tuition fees were going to be reduced. How quickly people forget that Arnold was the education freedom frighter who increased community college tuition fees in the first place.

In 2004-2005, California Community College fees rose 44 percent. The fact that Arnold attended community college and reaped the benefits of affordable education had no effect on this decision.

To send an even zanier message this year, tuition fees on the UC level are set to go up again for 07-08, as outlined by his 2007-08 state budget. These fees will steadily increase until 2010.

Arnold, while you are obsessing over your sexy “green” Hummer don’t forget to keep an eye on that pesky health care reform. Can’t wait to see what you do with that.

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