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Thursday Linkage & Seriously, Universe. Give me a break.

Can one thing go right this week without ten other things getting eff’d?

K thanks bye.

Thursday Linkage: Collaborations makes the World Go ‘Round

* CNN’s partnership with Youtube = User generated video in upcoming Presidential Debates – via newteevee

* 20th Century Fox is teaming with R.L. Stine to bring his best-selling kids horror series Goosebumps to the big screen – via bloody disgusting

* Steven Spielberg endorses Hilary Clinton – via deadline hollywood daily

*  New Haven, Connecticut became the first city to offer municipal IDs to both citizens and undocumented immigrants – via Mun2

*  How To Paint The Mona Lisa in Ms Paint – via Dabble

In closing: Universe, you need to take me out for a margarita tomorrow.

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