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2007 MTV Movie Awards memories

*yawn* Sleepy.

Luckily today is not as hectic as last night’s team effort to put the entirety of the 2007 MTV Movie Awards show online. Quite an interesting way to get back to work after a week in Paris.

Among other things, I assisted with producing the online 2007 MTV Movie Awards Under Surveillance backstage show.

If you go to you can catch up on all the festivities, as well as delight in Will Ferrell’s and Sacha Baron Cohen’s delicious man kiss.

At 3am, a bunch of us were still around and although they are not all in this photo, I think you can get an idea from the crazed grins that as a whole we were all a little punchy, although satisfied with a job well done.

(L to R) Rich, Me, Justin, Jonathan, Ben, Jennifer, The Jacks

You can read an interesting perspective of last night’s exploits on Benjamin Wagner’s aka da boss’ blog — I’m still jetlagged and unwilling to do much beyond what is expected of me at work today, and going home to eat chocolate and watch Requiem for a Dream for the millionth time.

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