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I’m going to Paris tomorrow.

I am leaving work at 4pm~ish tomorrow and hopping on a plane to the country of my dreams.

If you are like Jessicah Pratt, you want me to fed ex you crepes while I’m there.

I’m sorry, pratty, that’s not going to happen. But I will take loads of pics and such to entertain my loved ones (and probably you) with when I return.

Are you going to miss me? Don’t be shy, admit it ^_^ Fret not, I will be back — recharged and better than ever. Just in time to help out during the MTV Movie Awards madness (the good kind).

Until then, you are free to be creepy and watch this clip of me whenever you’d like. It’s my online debut! (albeit brief). I recorded it at work testing the new webcam they gave me: the Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision. It records in HD and is pretty sweet.

My only complaint so far is that it would be even sweeter if it came with a remote control and was on a swiveling clip stand, so you could zoom, rotate, and turn shots without disrupting your stream. That would be very beneficial to and I’m surprised it wasn’t built this way in the first place.


Next to me (and unsuccessfully avoiding being captured for posterity) is my work pal, Rich. He is a very talented musician and I’ve asked him to score the short film I will be making while I’m gone. You can listen to some of his older tracks here (check out untitled clip).

I won’t be blogging while I’m away so take care of yourselves and I hope to come back with many shocking tales of my exploits.

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