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New Media Video News blogs without podcast feeds: Damn them to Hell?

I was going to damn Beet TV’s Andy Plesser to Hell for (as of today) still not offering a video podcast feed, as if anyone still cares about FireAnt anymore with the plethora of rss video aggregating channels out there with embed options. I don’t want to have to download anything to watch video! Sheesh!

I would like to watch video feeds from Fast Company, Adult Swim, Democracy Now!, Wired, AND Beet TV – switching between them all with ease – and then if I feel like it, getting them all on my ipod. I can do this with all – save Beet TV. Why Andy, why? Why do you continue to force me to visit your page to watch video when most other sources provided mobile options?

I am a part of the Me generation, and us Me’s like to have it OUR way. NOW. Most of the innovators behind the new media revolution are young and plugged in. We are connected, interfacing with people through several mediums all day and night, and we are not timid to question/complain when we are not being served properly.

..But I hate the idea of permanently damning someone anywhere, even if it’s just a page on a website.

Aw, when did I become a nice girl?

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