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Towards the end of what would otherwise have been a peaceful march and rally, LAPD riot police fired rubber bullets into a crowd of immigration reform demonstrators in Los Angeles Tuesday, May 1, 2007.


This video clip shows police using aggressive crowd control tactics, including rubber bullets and gas, to disperse a group of demonstrators from McArthur Park.

At least one person had bruise marks after being shot. Others were seen being pushed around by police.

There were many other peaceful marches across the nation, as tens of thousands of people marched nationwide, urging Congress to give status to millions of illegal immigrants who come to the U.S. for work.


My best friend Rose Hernandez sent this to me this morning…

It’s typical. The police use the (non violent) aggressive actions of a small few to justify violent retaliation against an entire group, and in the process prove that our government still has a lot to learn about respecting basic human rights.

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