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Will Egorcast inspire even the laziest person to Twitter?

I was glancing through Big In Japan’s blog, and was delighted by their recent side project, Egorcast. Big In Japan rules. This clever creation is a mashup of Jott’s transcription service with Twitter and Jaiku. What does that mean, you ask?

Basically – You, Dear Person Reading This Right Now, can call a number, say whatever you want, and the message is then transcribed and automatically submitted to your Twitter/Jaiku. This free tool is useful on several levels. The one that is most appealing to me is not having to wear out my thumb texting if I don’t feel like it- I like options.

What is more interesting to me than the opportunity to do less work, is Big Japan’s company philosophy. Their team sees existing technology and rather than fearing it, they embrace it and put it to work for them. They neither reinvent the wheel or ignore the contributions of others. They identified a need, whipped up something that works to fill it and – most importantly – they were able to do it fast.

Anyone who desires to use Egorcast will utilize their existing accounts or sign up for Jott, Jaiku and Twitter. It’s free promo for all companies involved, and the end result is a free service that enhances the lives of new and existing users. A win-win situation for everyone.

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