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Blog of the Week & Old Band Nostalgia

My former coworker Rodrigo has a great blog, The Playlist. He comes up with his own awesome soundtracks for films and discusses existing soundtracks. The best part – He makes his soundtracks available for download!


Old Band Nostalgia 

What ever happened to Discharge Information System? 🙁 This fab chamber punk duo from Portland, Oregon was crazy about strings, drums and math. They were always changing up their time signatures in the middle of their songs, and somehow it always worked. I organized a show for them back in 2002, and since then they slowly disappeared from my radar.

In a tribute to their greatness, I have made one of my favorite D.I.S. songs available for public consumption – 50 Percent Metal. If you like them, I might get off my lazy butt and upload their entire album. Then, maybe, they’ll see it’s online and track me down to possibly yell at me about it. At least then I would know they were still around.

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