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0.9.2 Joost Update

On April 16, I did a brief update on some changes in Joost, mentioning the inclusion of an MTV Channel. Now that I have some time to be more thorough, here’s some interesting tidbits:

When I opened up Joost earlier today, I got some sort of black screen of death for several minutes. After restarting the program, I was forced to stare at this screen for another five minutes:

The pilot finally loaded, and once again the resolution was pretty awful.

Here’s a recent screen shot of the channel catalogue:

Here is MTV’s channel description:

MTV needs no introduction. As the epicenter for anything and everything
music and pop culture, MTV has produced ore groundbreaking programming – like Beavis Butthead, Punk’d, and Laguna Beach – than any other channel. Stream your favorite MTV and MTV2 programming on Joost.

I checked out the “My Joost” area, and didn’t notice any other major changes to my widgets.

Here is a screen shot of the widgets panel:

You can see me complaining in the chat box about the crappy resolution of whatever it is that I am watching there.

My Joost news ticker widget informed me that CBS has it’s eye on Joost. CBS has signed a deal with Joost to make top current and classic programming available for free. You can see an updated list of Joost channels on their website.

Joost invite Craziness

One of my favorite blogs, NewTeeVee has a post up on Ten Joost Channels Worth Watching. They end it with the following promo:

All this talk, but no Joost for you? Liz has five invites for the first people who comment with links to new web video worth watching.

Well, how about this? I have four invites left. Just leave me a comment with the full name you want me to use and your email address and I will send the first four an invite by next week sometime. You don’t have to do anything else.

edit: I only have four so, once you see four comments up it’s probably pointless for you to comment.


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