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Things to Remember

This made me smile.


“I don’t usually do stuff like this, but I felt compelled to write this email. I want to preface this email by saying that I am usually pretty anti MTV, and am not a fan of their programming.

With that being said I watched a special that they had about the tragedy and I have to say it was an excellent barometer of what is going on and the feelings that students have about the incident, and it really got me thinking. First off instead of playing the blame game and pointing fingers the correspondents did nothing but show support for the student body and the university. The news correspondents Sway and John Norris where both supporting the community by wearing Virginia Tech sweatshirts; they were the only journalists that I saw doing this. They did not ask leading questions, and actually appeared to be concerned for the student body, unlike any other news network. Sway was even dishing out hugs. They pointed out on numorous occasions that Virginia Tech was a beautiful and special place, and made a big deal out of the feeling of community and unity exemplified by the students and staff. They also made a point to call out some other networks for seemingly seeking out angry students in order to create sound bytes for their network. They managed to do what the media should have had the obligation to do in the first place in respecting and mourning the loss while also attempting to provide support for the community.”


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