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Iggy & the Stooges Tour + Girl Drummer Love

IGGY & The STOOGES w/SISTAS IN THE PIT this Monday, April 9!
The United Palace
4140 Broadway at 175th Street
New York, New York 10033
(212) 568 – 6700 ext. 11
59, 50, 40 dollars
get tickets at ticketmaster (more tour dates available)

I wish I could afford to go, but as my dear friend Ju’ so aptly put it earlier today:
alantra (2:14:36 PM): i love sistas in the pit
alantra (2:14:40 PM): but it’s a broke love
alantra (2:14:46 PM): a love that dares not speak its name
alantra (2:14:48 PM): at the atm

MTV News will not be there, unfortunately 🙁 …So if anyone does go, please YouTube something. Anything.

Girl Drummer Love
I have a private childhood fantasy of being a Drummer God, which flares up now and again…


As a result, I have recently become obsessed with learning more about the lives of girl drummers: Their touring habits, professional highs and lows, tastes in food.


Here is some research I have started to compile and will update at a later date:


My Current Favorite Girl Drummer: Alicia Warrington



– Has drummed for Fudgegun, Maps to Great Speed, D.T.M., The Otterpops, Purgatory, Frivolous,Kelly Osborne, and Lillix.


You can watch her and the rest of Lillix in this video for “Sweet Temptation”:



Bio Excerpt – (from Drummer Girl) …”Alicia Warrington began her drumming life at about age 11. Shortly thereafter she was drumming and singing lead vocals in the death metal band Purgatory and then again drumming and singing for Dropping The Messiah. At age 16 Alicia was on the road with Fudgegun, living out of a van and sleeping on floors. As she says, she’s paid her dues. From her early days beating out death metal to the pop-oriented sounds of The Otterpops, Alicia has let her talent speak for her. Now as the drummer for Kelly Osbourne, as well as a session drummer, life is somewhat easier.

As you’ll discover, Alicia’s choice to be a musician was made early in life. Coming up from the underground to the land of the Osbournes seems like a mainstream dream come true, but Alicia Warrington keeps herself grounded in reality. She paid her dues in the past but, with her latest success, she probably won’t be waitressing anytime soon.”


Quote: “Purgatory was my first Death Metal band. I really enjoy all kinds of music. My cd collection, seriously, ranges from classical to Polka, to country, to death metal and rap. I’m interested in anything … as long as it’s good for its genre. My favorite styles to play are rock and hip-hop, like I said earlier … but I will play whatever I enjoy at the moment.”


Other Bad Ass Girl Drummers:


Stefanie Eulinberg (for Kid Rock)

Quote: “When I first joined the band,” says Eulinberg, “I had a huge problem with this — a HUGE problem. Because they’re like, ‘Shut up, bitch.’ And I was like, ‘The next person calls me bitch, I’m quitting.’ I wasn’t kidding. I was like, ‘Listen, you can call any of these fucking hoochie-mama motherfucker groupie bitches that come in this bus bitch all you want, but if you want me to be part of this family, I won’t have it. You need to treat me like I’m your sister or your mother.’ They’re like, ‘Oh yeah, you’re right. We didn’t mean to make you feel like that.’ I’m like, ‘You need to understand. You don’t see me sleeping around, you don’t see me taking off my clothes and…”


Samantha Maloney – Hole and Mötley Crüe

Quote: “..I just knew that I loved to play. I never thought I’d be on stage or anything. I just had so much fun. Then next thing I know, people were like, “Hey, do you want to be in my band?” And I said, “O.K.” And so I’d be in these little bands and all of a sudden I had this band called Shift and we started putting out CDs and I was just going with the flow. I would always get complimented, “You’re not just good for a girl, you’re just good.” And I thought to myself, “I guess I’ll take that as a compliment,” although you struggle with those things all of the time. The ratio of guys to girls that play-there are a lot better girls that play drums out there than guys. I’ve seen way more guys that suck than girls.”


Claudia Gonson – The Magnetic Fields

Quote: “..In the indie and especially queercore scenes, it’s totally open and cool for women to play drums and I think they are even sort of worshipped. I think it’s a basically cool time to be a woman drummer.”



Quote: “Ladies, unfortunately there are some shady, unkind people out there, so watch your gear at all times, before and after your gig. I had my double bass pedal Iron Cobra stolen once. It still hurts.”

Meg WhiteThe White Stripes

In reference to her “primal” approach to drumming, Meg said. “That is my strength. A lot of drummers would feel weird about being that simplistic.” – via Rolling Stone


All other quotes taken from drummer girl interviews


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