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Mocking High Achievers Day, Salary and Dress-Up Fun

Maryland Scout Earns All 121 Merit Badges – and then afterwards, a major wedgie.


That’s all… I found a few other forward thinking, determined individuals to make fun of but decided that I don’t have enough energy or initiative to bash them with my insanely witty commentary.

In other news, SalaryScout perked my interest last night. It is a (beta) network of users seeking fairness in compensation and benefits. According to, you can discover your true value in the marketplace and demand what you’re worth.

… I don’t know if, after figuring out that others make more than me, *big shock* I am going to march into my boss’s office and “demand” anything. But, I registered and plan on snooping around later this weekend. Right now there are only 4685 members but I’ll let you know if I find anything interesting.

Polyvore is dress-up for grown-ups! Drag and drop customized outfits and share with friends. It’s like a combination of flickr and streetpeeper. (Thanks Ju)


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