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MTV News to cover Bilingual Bands

Happy Monday!

I just finished watching a rough cut of my bilingual bands package. In the talented hands of Lee and Tami, I am confident that it’s going to come out great. Along with live performance clips and excerpts from their latest music videos, it will include exclusive interviews with Los Abandoned, Kinky, and Pacha Massive.

Be sure to check it out on MTV/MTVU/MTV2/MTV TR3S, etc. this Wednesday, 3/21! I will most likely be handling the digital production of this as well so drop by either Wednesday 3/21 or Thursday 3/22 to for extra bilingual bands goodness.

After it airs I can  give you the lowdown on how it all came together.

…In non work related news, this past weekend I saw 300. It was the most brainless, awesome, homoerotic testosterone-fest. It made Braveheart look like a tea dance. …I also predict there will be a lot of Spartan costumes at this year’s Halloween parade in the Village. Can’t wait!

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  • jeff

    Thanks for the 300 review, but no surprise. I don’t know who actually likes these types of movies. Maybe 12 year-old boys. I dunno.

    I don’t see many Hollywood movies. I am always dissappointed. An Unfinished Life was the last one I actually thought was good, but you can’t go wrong with Redford. I am looking forward to seeing The Wind That Moves the Barley, but I don’t think it’s a Hollywood movie.

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