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Anticipating The Host & How to curb your Alcoholism

GreenCine has a great interview with The Host’s Bong Joon-Ho!

I am going to see this movie early tomorrow morning, and am trying my best not to ruin it by watching illegal downloads. I have banned myself from this and instead am appeasing my insatiable desire for all things Host related by relegating myself to really in depth interviews such as the one I just mentioned

It’s a good piece to delve into if you are interested in knowing more about why he made this film in the first place, which of the characters does he identify with the most, why the characters come from the working class, and more.

Plus, in the interview he mentions that Korean people are very hot-blooded. This made me laugh because my creative partner is half Korean, and when we were making Proximity, at one point we got in an argument over something technical and she threw a water bottle that nearly hit me. Good times. I wouldn’t want to work with someone who couldn’t get fired up about anything. We are going to re shoot a few scenes after we go see The Host, so stay tuned… But really, can you improve on perfection? ;P heh heh arrogance is a virtue in some circles, I insist.

Making Movies Keeps Me from Being An Alcoholic

…I have had a total of two alcoholic drinks in three months, since I began making short films again. I thought it would be the opposite. Who knew?

ps: I am reading an excellent book right now- Red Light: Superheroes, Saints, and Sluts. Through essays and short stories, it deconstructs female icons, past and present, and re-imagines them for the twenty-first century.

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