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I’m All Mashed Up Today & MTV News Staff blogging it up

There’s a lot of neat mashup tools available that are making it that much easier to ingegrate all your various interests that you can read/watch/publish/share, etc.

Programmable Web keeps you updated on all the latest mashups, if you are like me and much too lazy to search for them.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow seemlessly blend all the different aspects of your life? Where’s that mashup? Can someone build a widget for that like…today?

Cute Mash!ed!Up Linkage

1. Get Mapped Up! – Do you subscribe to blog feeds from all over the world? Are you a visual person? Then this handy tool was made just for you.

You can add your feed to their directory, track a large number of RSS news sources and display their latest items on a world map, geographically and in real-time, download MappedUp as a screensaver, widget or active desktop. If you are crazy cakes about it, make it your website’s header!(Good lookin’ out, Justin!)

2. Flickrscape – I hate uploading/creating photos. No time! I’d rather credit someone else. Here, you can enter a word and watch the flickr photo stream. Click to interrupt stream and try another word.

3. LabPixies TV – Watch your favorite TV stations right on your homepage! Browse stations by country or genre and select your favorite stations. You can also add your own feeds to the list.

MTV News Staff Blogging it Up

So if you haven’t caught on to it yet, peeps from the MTV News team blog from time to time about their experiences during shoots, the crazy folks they bump into, and other fun stuff. We utilize the existing MySpace blog feed (right now) to share experiences and give our friends a more personalized behind the scenes look at what goes on, employee style, in the vast empire called MTV.

Check out Tera’s entry in the MTV News MySpace blog about her experience at a set visit for Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” remake…. Lucky duck!

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