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Back in the Day — My Intro to Vlogging/RSS

Chronicles of the journey….

#1 – My Intro to Vlogging/RSS

Sample Vlog episode for a non profit:

Organization: Projectile Arts

Created: Feb ’06

Platform: Mac/FCP

The Back Story

In late 2004/early 2005, one of my many internships was for a company called Python/Aquarius productions. I went on a few shoots for them — two that I specifically remember were promo for and The Food Network. In the Spring of ’06, The co-founder of Python/Aquarius gave my info to a friend of a friend, who happened to run a small brooklyn-based non profit – Projectile Arts. He was seeking someone who, among other things, could produce a weekly vlog to be used as a promotional tool for the org’s various doc projects.

This particular vlog episode was created as promo for an affiliated organization, the Reality Art Class Teachers Collective. The RACTC is a group of New York City Public Teachers who meet weekly at Projectile Arts to explore ways of using art to foster a deeper understanding of all academic subjects.

I was with Projectile Arts from February to late April of ’06, I believe. We’ll call the reason for my parting “creative differences”. Nevertheless, it was a great experience and introduced me to the wonderful world of RSS.

Note: I did not shoot any of this vlog other than pick up shots. I edited it down from a lot of other footage. If I had shot it trust me, it would have been much better. Otherwise, I like it a lot.

Check out the Reality Art Class Teachers Collective as well. I wish my teachers had been like them growing up.

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