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Beet TV to become ever Cooler? & Tuesday Tasty Linkage

Is Cool

I spent this morning speaking with Andy Plesser about the future of Beet TV. I can’t give away any secrets but I will say definitely keep an eye on their vlog…

Tuesday Tasty Linkage

1. Redman Live Freestyle Jayson was listening to this at his desk this morning and I was loving it!


Greatest Hip-Hop Groups: The Postgame – Watch Run-DMC’s Run and Public Enemy’s Chuck D chop it up about the greatest hip-hop groups.

3. The 50 Most Important People on the Web – Do you agree with their list? (And why are powerful people often not cute?)

4. Pixelodeon is happening in Los Angeles June 9th & 10th!

“You won’t even have to be in LA to check it out, as all the programming will be available online. So why screen it in a theater at all? “So [vloggers] can mingle with producers, people who have the resources to take your work to the next level,” Steve suggested. Both of them were adamant that this is not about breaking into ‘the industry,’ but a showcase of how online video has emerged as a viable medium in its own right.” via newteevee

5. Coming Soon’s interview with The Host’s Bong Joon-ho

…I predict that The Host is going to be the best horror film of the year. t’s also notable that it’s a Korean film, and their film industry is only now getting major international attention. I think that what Crouching Tiger did to bring Chinese cinema to the mainstream, The Host will do for Korean cinema.

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