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The Worst Reality Show Idea Ever & Twitterpated


“Don’t Even Try Getting Out Of It”
Gene Steinberg: Chief Creative Officer WZMY TV

(MyTV New England) Quotes:
“Take the appeal of the court genre and add the fascination of Celebrities
and you have the making of quality daytime television”

via cynopsis


You know what would be more fun to watch?

1 – Paint Dry

2 – Me plucking my eyebrows

3 – Someone getting a colonostapy


I am embarking on a sociological experiment. I’ve started semi tracking my activities using Twitter. I am going to continue this for a while, and see how and to what degree I effect my own behavior by publicly logging it and then being forced to review it.

So far I have to say that that the whole thing feels really creepy. This past weekend I would find myself debating, what is “twitter worthy?” What is worth posting? I didn’t want to come off as a narcissistic douche. But then I noticed what others find worthy to document:

markng had a turkey bacon sage and onion pie for lunch, now I want to sleep !

And now I feel slightly better.

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