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Biggie’s Ten Year Anniversay & Are you the next top Radio Talent?

MTV News Honors Biggie

via vanupied

This week MTV News will be rolling out 4 packages on Biggie, in honor of the ten year anniversary of his death. In this week’s Mixtape Monday you can read a review/info about The Best of Biggie: 10th Anniversary Mixtape.

A comp show will start living in Overdrive beginning this evening with the first package, that you can go back to all week to catch all four updates. Stay tuned, should be interesting.

Are you the next top Radio Talent?

Check out the upcoming “American-Idol style” competition for the next public radio talent/show.

Thanks, Angela 🙂

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  • Evorgleb

    YO Biggie is definately missed. There is a void in Hip Hop that still has not been filled. Over on Highbrid Nation we are celebrating Biggie’s life and encouraging people to stop by and just give thier thoughts on the late veteran. You may want to check it out.

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