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Friday Linkage, Vox Whining, and Blasts from the Past

A big “Thank You!” to La Bloga for giving my music video a shout out today.

…It is raining like crazy here in NYC, which always makes me feel a little blue. Plus if you think dead rain worms smell great in the streets, imagine what they smell like within the confines of a tomb-like subway car. Yum.

Friday Morning Linkage

1. Create a Mobile Searchable Database of PDFs!

“…All you need to do is email your PDF to and they will send the full text of the PDF back within minutes. These files can be searched from within Gmail. Then set up a filter from the Adobe address ( and have the messages archived and automatically labeled. Now you have a searchable database for your PDFs – oh and it’s fully accessible via a mobile too.” – via micropersuasion 

2. My Favorite Niche Blog of the Hour 😉 Heehee! Tea Girls.

3.  I Heart the idea of Simulscribe

I hate listening to voicemail! Don’t you? Wouldn’t it be nice to get your vmail in email/text form? Check it out!

4. 5 New Jobs of the Web 2.o Generation via webworkerdaily

… I would say I am a combo of #’s 1, 4, and 5. I am also part “widgeteer” (not listed but mentioned in the comments), in that I help develop widgets for the job.

5. Looking for a new media/creative job? Check out Chinwag.

“Our aim is to create the best recruitment site for the industry keeping it simple, effective and most importantly fun. This is reflected in our tag line “work in new media”. It should be as simple as that.”

…I’m not currently looking for a different gig however I do subscribe to their blog listing of available positions – I like to see what’s floating around out there.

6. My coworker Andrew has a band.

He is super cute, and the two demos on his myspace page are pretty rockin. Enjoy.(Andrew, when are we going to Wii it up???)

7. MTV News Webcam Correspondent

Matt Sunbulli, my coworker and fellow vlog lover, recently posted a comical upate on the Broadband Emmy Awards.

(direct link) [youtube=]

His MySpace page  needs a serious makeover but he makes up for that with interesting blog entries. You can bookmark this, and come back to check out his weekly dispatches. They just keep getting better!

… I was going to wrap it up here, but since I still have some free time left I will bid you adieu with a mini rant.

Sometimes Vox Makes me Feel Stupid

As far as my social networking history goes, here is a brief timeline:

diarylandlivejournal friendstermyspaceflickrvox

I’ve probably created accounts with most major social networking sites, but these are the six that I have actually been active in, or, at least lurk around in from time to time.

I recently started exploring Vox, after signing up a few months ago. This week I started importing my blog entries from wordpress (a nice feature), but then realized to my dismay that they generate their own vox rss feed for you, and you can’t tweak your page code to change that. In fact, as far as I can tell, you can’t modify your code at all! Lame!

Sure, they provide you with all these pretty layout templates. But what if I hate them all, which I do? I don’t have time to create a new one, I just want to pimp out an existing one. Specifically, I want to include an rss icon that points to THIS page, with the feedburner link from this page, but I can’t.

If someone knows how to tamper with Vox layouts, please help.  Also, if you know a way for my to write in one blog that I can automatically import into all my social networking site accounts, I will make you a personalized video thank you and post it here.

You probably thought I was going to say I will buy you a margarita, but no. That’s Julia’s job.

Blast from the Past #1: Amiga

I miss my old & dear friend Jessicah Pratt. (on the right)

Her first short film was featured in my film festival in 2002, and she is moving to LA in a few weeks to start her new life as an LA film student/fashionista.

…P-Ratt, remember when we would watch all the strange movies I would find through my greencine account? Remember Elling?

Safe travels…

Blast from the Past #2: Pelo Nostalgia

… I miss my old hair.

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