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Embedding MTV content is now! (kinda)

So you think you can’t watch MTV content without going to, huh? 

Ever heard of Subterranean?

It’s a weekly music show on MTV2 dedicated to alternative, indie, and
underground music and artists. The show was made as the modern-day continuation of MTV’s 120 Minutes. It normally airs on Sunday nights at 1 a.m. ET (technically Monday morning).

I was checking out their blog today (which is pretty cool) and saw this:

They’ve embedded a Modest Mouse video straight from Overdrive, along with many others in their blog entries! I think this is a fantastic way to *temporarily* get around the fact that we still don’t have a branded, syndicated player *yet*.

I tried to embed the video here too but wordpress wouldn’t let me 🙁

… It will be nice when all MTV content can be shared.

… Comedy Central’s syndicated player gets love all the time: The Digital Journal recently covered John Stewart’s cool interview with the founder of Craigslist.

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