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snowy monday morning linkage

Hi. Probably not a good idea to wear converse when there’s four feet of snow outside. Eh. whatev.

Monday Morning Linkage

participatory vs. commercial culture – hyperorg

women excluded from speaking at web conferences – lawgeek

it’s not viral until it goes viral – brainsonfire

interview with fauxlebrities – imbringingbloggingback

– IBBB interviews Sierra from MTV Juvies and gets the answers to burning questions like, why do all the girls seem to braid each others’ hair right before they go to court? 

is this better than feedburner? – havemint*

* I’m going to test it and let ya know.

Magazines I will be reading on the subway today

Wired Magazine – March Issue: 15-03: Bite-Sized Entertainment: Exploring the New World of One-Minute Media (website not updated yet!)

Complex – February/March ’07: Quentin Tarantino Is Back To Scare the Hell Out Of You!

Urban Latino – Issue #72: The Best of 2006*

* My interview with Tapon is in this issue, and I haven’t read it yet… 🙂 heh heh.

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