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My First Music Video – Pistolera – updates galore

Guess what? 

My first music video (for Pistolera’s song “Cazador”) will debut tomorrow on METV in Austin, TX on the show “Sonido Boombox”. They have it posted on their show calendar:

The video will also be included in a DVD compilation about immigration marches around the country. The company is based in Vancouver, CA and is being spearheaded by Frank Lopez, formerly of Democracy Now! in NYC. It will be distributed to pro-immigrant groups in April around the country to get them amped about the marches that are to take place this May. I am really excited about this and hope it inspires lots of people.The video has also been sent to: LA TV, Mun2, MTV Espanol, World Beats, and Democracy Now!, and New York Noise.


Will keep you posted as I hear more info…

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