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Inside Joost – Latinos get Joosty & a channel mini preview

Update: Latinos in Joost land!

Voy to create a latin channel on Joost  – via hispanicwire

The VOY channels will include a variety of programming including:

– VOY Filmmaker Showcase features the best short films, music videos and commercials made by Latinos or featuring Latinos.

– LatinEyes is a magazine show highlighting Latin culture in the United States and abroad. From political, historical and entertainment figures, Latin Eyes highlights Latinos who are making an impact in the U.S. and around the world as well as products, places and events that shape the Latino experience.

– VOY to Hollywood features celebrity interviews, featurettes and behind-the-scenes news on movies and shows that interest Latinos.

– Hola America!, a news magazine focused on Latino personalities who are making an impact in the United States. Guest on the show have included: Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives), Lupe Ontiveros (Desperate Housewives, Storytelling, etc), Tony Plana (Ugly Betty) Richard Riordan (Mayor of Los Angeles), Chip and Kim McAllister (Winners of Amazing Race).

– LowLos, A weekly show dedicated to Lowriders and the Lowriding culture, lifestyle.

– (IN)Pulse, A VOY original hosted weekly show on all things entertainment with a Latino twist. We take the pulse on the latest happenings in the music, film and television industry and report what’s cool to Latino youth today.”

Ok so…. 

This is the #1 question I keep getting from people, and since I can’t guarantee I will be able to give a more in depth report later today, here is a brief summary:

Right now (as of 2.26.07) Joost offers 29 “official” channels:

(and my lazy, written-during-last night’s-Oscar-commercial descriptions) 

Warner Bros Records – EPK-style behind the scenes content on bandsindyCar – Exciting indy race car actionMTV Stayin AliveNational Geographic

Joost Suggests (what starts up default)

Indie Flix Premiere Hits

Lazy TV (US) – lots o” reality shows

Fifth Gear – test driving the most glamourus dream cars

Gamestar TV – devoted to videogame entertainment

Saturday Morning TV – so many cartoons!!!!

Red Hot Chili Peppers – behind the scenes with the RHCP

Lime – healthy food, personal growth, stress management. Basically lots of hippie type stuff.

Off the Fence – Docs on Demand

Live @ Much

Bite TV – for the technorati who seeks instant gratification: irreverent, thrilling, short form programming.

Saavin – Let your Bollywood experience begin here

Netwerk – Info/Promo behind the scenes content on all Netwerk Artists

Havoc Action Sports TV

Explora Channel – episodes from The Third Planet

World Strongest Man

Jizzy TV – Huh? Jamie Kennedy? whaaaaaat?

Excerpt of his intro: “Are you tired of some old people telling you what to watch?”

Atlantic Street – Behind the scenes content on Atlantic records artists

Beyond the Pit –

Paris Hilton – Have you not had enough of her yet?

Green Day – all things Green Day

The Diddy Channel – *sigh*

What’s Popular – Top views on Joost



Many of these channel names are self explanatory - but for those that aren’t as obvious, stay tuned for a more detailed review of each channel later this week.


  • Bruce

    “All new beta-testers now get tokens allowing them to invite friends and acquaintances, and these tokens will give you instant access to Joostâ„¢.”

    I host a television talk show from here in New York City.

    I would love to try out Joost asap…

    PLEASE send me a token so that I can beta test Joost….

    Bruce Wagner

    PS – If you WANT an invite token, send me an email and I’ll add you to a list and send you one when I get some… to return the favor. 🙂

  • aarti

    Hi, I want to test joost beta version because i want to try the iptv experience with joost, I tried iptv softwares like, etc. somehow i did not like that. Could you please send me an joost invitation?

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