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Because weekends were made for fun

…As freestyle queen/personal hero Debbie Deb  put it best.

My dear readers, you have now caught on to the fact that I rarely update during the weekends. Here are some things I would definitely rather do than blog on Sat & Sun (that I happily did this weekend)

#1 Spend time with my little sister. I have mentioned before how much I enjoy being a part of Big Brother Big Sisters NYC, and at some point I plan on blogging about examples of fun activities I have enjoyed that someone else could experience with their Little Brother or Sister. You don’t have to be perfect to be a friend to a young person. You just have to be willing to share some free time.

#2 Finish up editing my short film. YES. It’s FINALLY done. After much heartache and stress, we re-recorded all the audio and re-synced everything.. Get ready to check it out this week! I also plan on submitting it to the broadband emmy competition

#3 Hang out watching netflicks selections with my honey <3

I was comparing notes with the previously mentioned honey the other day, and we both came to the conclusion that because of work, we each spend probably 8-10 solid hours per day on the internet. This is not counting the non work hours I spend on the internet  reading blogs, gushing over fashion on streetpeeper, scouring IMDB to satisfy my current fascination with korean cinema, etc.

I feel like I am a pretty accurate example of the current average net user. All of my work is essentially done using online tools and communicating with coworkers through AIM, I find out about what’s going on in the world through blogs, online versions of news channels and magazines, (although I am addicted to the printed version of Nylon Mag), and I have met many interesting friends (dating and platonic) through craigslist. Despite all of this net activity, I would like to be able to count actual blocks of time where I am NOT on. Just a personal choice.

… But for all your joost fiends, tomorrow I plan on posting an in depth pt deux description of my exploits in joost world, include reviews of the (so far) 29 channels offered… Stay tuned!

But now – time to watch the Oscars! 🙂

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