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Express Yourself! – America’s Next Producer contest

via Cynthia’s Cynopsis

America’s Next Producer, a new reality competition series for TV Guide Channel, is looking for Television Producer/contestants to compete in a series of innovative challenges that showcase their talent.

The ultimate winner receives $100,000 cash, a production office in Hollywood, and a first-look deal with TV Guide Channel. No matter if you’re fresh out of school, an industry veteran, or DIY video producer – if you are serious about production and looking for your big break, this may be your ticket.  For more details, check out or email

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  • Deborah D Wilson

    I’m just as confused as Sophia (Color Purple) I have some of the best knowledge of movies and most TV Shows but I’m egnored to the point that it hurts I would love to voice my opinion on some of the crap that now shows up on the screen and these people are considered talented or is the american public that desperate for entertainment. I would suggest a corn silk doll but you would need a BB cola or coke cola bottle and that could be dangerous in the wrong hands consider jackass the movie. Think about it 9-11 did not make the world crazy World War II did 9-11 just brought it back to the surface. No more Cold War; now we have Middle Eastern Terrorist we have to protect our borders. But by not providing jobs that pay a decent wage you have them in our inter-city they are called poor mostly working poor. You show them the way the rich and famous live then nobody tells them that even if you work hard all your life you may only be that small fish because your pond is small. You may not get to be that baller, but enjoy your life be happy in your own skin be proud of your accomplishments. I myself am so proud of the fact that I have been apart of my childrens Life I lived on public assistance most of it because I have a child that has Cycle Cell most of her childhood was spent in pain and I was out of work because my employers did not want to hear it anymore. I’m proud because it made me strong and a (great) really good grand mother. I know how to spend 5.00 dollars and entertain my kids for hours. I am getting off the subject but I’m just trying to get my point accross. I’m not Martha Steward nor do I want to be but I have 3 of the best kids in the world to me. I pulled miracles out of my butt, for them most of the time. Down to just cooking cupcakes for the classes. I just wish my break would come.

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