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It’s Tuesday but it feels like a Monday.

… Chris Webber is from my hometown. My mom loves The Sacramento Kings. So, here’s a link to the Chris Webber news package my coworker Monty produced and that I built for the Overdrive News channel.  “The Pistons star talks about his African-American artifacts, how hip-hop influenced his game and what he jams to in the locker room.”

There you go mom, go crazy.

Some links I clicked today (well, this morning)

MTV and NPR adapt to changing demographics – The MTV wigitizing/joost collab/embed decisions are not news to me, but I found the contrast with NPR’s changes interesting.

Viacom Turns on YouTube, now Greets Joost with Open Arms – In case you didn’t know.

surveillance infrastructure – MySpace using content-recognition software

Excerpt – “As media companies struggle to reclaim control over their movies, television shows and music in a world of online file-sharing software, they have found an ally in software of another kind. The new technological weapon is content-recognition software, which makes it possible to identify copyrighted material, even, for example, from blurry video clips. The technology could address what the entertainment industry sees as one of its biggest problems — songs and videos being posted on the Web without permission.
Last week, Vance Ikezoye, the chief executive of Audible Magic in Los Gatos, Calif., demonstrated the technology by downloading a two-minute clip from YouTube and feeding it into his company’s new video-recognition system. The clip — drained of color, with dialogue dubbed in Chinese — appeared to have been recorded with a camcorder in a dark movie theater before it was uploaded to the Web, so the image quality was poor. Still, Mr. Ikezoye’s filtering software quickly identified it as the sword-training scene that begins 49 minutes and 37 seconds into the Miramax film “Kill Bill: Vol. 2.””

Why I am Tired and Sick

I had a three day weekend like most of you, but I spent the entire time working on my short film. These last three days have been my least favorite part of the whole experience, because we are now dealing with the audio. Oh god, I hate it! I can’t wait for it to be over. Important lesson – I do not have any talent at scoring. Good to know. Next time, I will put this in the hands of someone who actually knows what they are doing. I work with Rich Sancho at MTV, who besides being a rock star on the job is also a scoring genius in his spare time, so perhaps next time I will ask him for assistance in this area. …Because I think it’s pretty clear at this point that I really suck at it.

Title update – It is no longer called “Lily’s Evening”. The new title is “Proximity”. I will have a youtube link up either tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned.

I was so stressed out this weekend I somehow became sick from the stress, and now I have a runny nose and a ginormous head ache. I also got in an argument with my creative partner on this project and stormed out last night. *sigh* I am such a drama queen.

However, Proximity will be finished this week, and despite this minor obstacle I have really enjoyed the process. I hadn’t made a short film in two years so this was a long time coming. I am still submitting it to The Lot, I mean I know it’s past the deadline but hey – I have seen some of the submissions on their website… I think in comparision Jennifer and I have a fairly good shot.

What needs to Happen… soon.

It’s very difficult to find that healthy, delicate balance between work, your creative projects, time with friends, general personal upkeep/chores, and maintaining your sanity.

After I am done with this short film I am going to take the time to sit down and prioritize the gajillion things I need and want to do.

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