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A Banner Friday

I have been getting a lot of love already for the Pistolera Music Video, thank you! I was pleased to get my #2nd link back  (ooo) from the Music Video News blog. They posted same day! Word travels fast on this here internetz! I worked on the video for so long, and I am eager to see it on air and to not have to deal with anything related to it any more :).

However, if you cannot get enough of Pistolera – check out this live performance clip I submitted to AntCast a while back. It’s Cazador, only live, during the Pistolera CD release party for Siempre Hay Salida at Joe’s Pub in NYC, 11.10.06.

Life goes on! Tonight I am submitting my short film to The Lot. It is called “Lily’s Evening”. I shot/directed this last weekend and edited after work all week. This was a co-production with the very talented Jennifer Spears, who for whatever reason, in case it does get selected, doesn’t want to be on the show. … There are a few people at work who are also submitting.  … I haven’t looked into whether I’m not allowed to submit since it’s a show on Fox, and I work for Viacom, but whatever. We’ll see.

This weekend it is going down at the IFC Center! They are screening Chan-wook Park‘s Vengeance Trilogy – Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, OldBoy (the incest movie I raved about last week), Lady Vengeance AND a 4th surprise…. I have seen all three and I need a few days to decompress so I am not going, but if you haven’t experienced these amazing films you should check it out. I may show up for the 4th surprise though. Who knows.

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