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Sneak Peek: Pistolera’s Music Video for Cazador

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Kiddies –

After months of work, my first music video is finally complete. I planned/directed/shot this all on my own, and edited it on FCP with the wonderful assistance of Ignacio Guzman, who I will link back to as soon as I talk to him and find out what me wants me to link to. I was to excited to wait. This video is (tentatively, don’t quote me just yet) going to air on several music video channels/programs including NY Noise, METV, World Beat Canada (Channel M), and MTV Espanol. I will post a final, confirmed list later next week. These are just the channels that I was told would air it, but we’ll have to wait and see if that actually happens.

Here is a TEMPORARY LINK to the final cut - watch it now because soon it will be gone, heh heh. The next time you’ll be able to see it will probably be on the Pistolera website or their myspace page. … There’s lots of bar/tone in the beginning so be patient.

A little back story: I shot the band performing at a Brooklyn spot called Barbes. I also shot all the immigration rights march footage in April of 2006, without knowing what I would end up doing with it. Some of it may have ended up on BET, I had a friend who was a production coordinator there and I gave her some footage for them to use, but otherwise the only other place it has lived has been on my myspace page. I went to the march with my roommate/good friend Christina Morales, who you can see in the video (“Educated Chicano” bag). I was so fired up during that experience, so much so that I didn’t realize my arm was all jacked up til after the fact – I had been holding that camera up for about four hours straight. The next day I could barely move it.

The production of this music video was a definite learning experience in planning, finding/managing resources, and scheduling. I will write a more comprehensive entry on this experience at a later date.

I hope you enjoy it! ;) All comments appreciated.


Pistolera’s MySpace page

Pistolera’s Website


  • Carolina Rose

    Wow!!! I love the old-school film look on the band, the interplay with images from the Immigration march, the energy … everything. It communicates passion, message, color, texture and depth. Congratulations.

  • Rose Hernandez


    Your work in this video is amazing.
    I got goose bumps! What more can I say,…Spot less!!! Great Job.

  • P. Ratt

    That dress is so freakin’ fab. Can you jack it from her? I need it. Oh yeah and the video was alright… Psyche! (yes I gotta use psyche in 2007) so freakin’ awesome dude! I love the march footage too, you captured some great moments. And the enegry of the band. I wanna see them live now!

    p.s. EAT A SANDWICH!!!

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