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Top Design teases my tired Ass.

I spent last night in Brooklyn, so coming into work I stumbled across the Top Design promotional subway layouts at Grand Central Station. I don’t know why, but somehow having to rush past several comfortable looking couches surrounded by mod furniture and interesting lighting to crush myself into a packed shuttle train really annoyed me. I didn’t see a single person taking the time to sit down on any of the seating that was taking up valuable walking space on the platforms. The couches only served as a painful morning reminder that I not only didn’t have time to brush my hair this morning, I also don’t have time to sit and rest – even on a couch that is two feet away from me. Sad.

…I really only wanted to complain about the crushing crowdedness of the Shuttle train weekday mornings, but rather than end this on a Debbie Downer note, here’s something rather cool:

 Imitating A Scanner Darkly (via ReBlog)

Using Illustrator’s pencil tool and shapes of solid color, you can imitate the graphic novel styling of A Scanner Darkly. An animator from the film shows us how.

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