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No Excuses for me + The haps at work

So apparently I’m a horrible blogger because I fell off the planet for, oh, five days.

… Well if it’s any excuse, I was in Los Angeles for a while and wasn’t feeling particularly motivated to log on and account for my whereabouts. So in the future, if four days go by and you don’t see anything on here, hopefully it means I am on vacation again. Otherwise, please alert the authorities.

What Happens when you Leave…

Gideon quit last week, and I am purposely NOT linking to Idolator, even though they “broke” the news two minutes after the email was circulated.

One of my favorite blogs, NewTeeVee, interviewed Matt Sunbulli re: his Webcam Correspondent dispatches. Although the tone is a little nasty, I still think it’s cool that he is getting recognition for his work. Despite their poking fun at his enthusiasm, I suppose most people take into account how difficult it is to initiate anything new within a major media corporation, and truly vlogging is new terrority for MTV, sad to say. So I am looking forward to seeing what Matt has in store for viewers, and thinking up ways to help promote his packages in the future on our MySpace page.

The bilingual bands package I pitched is still a work in progress – one set back being that at the last second The Troubadour would not let the west coast crew in to shoot Los Abandoned perform last week. I am not worried about seeing this story come to fruition and I am getting better about not stressing out over the little things.  Working on the digital side of News limits how much involvement I have in preproduction (even if it is my idea), but it still feels good to be a part of the process.

When I was hired at MTV News, I knew that I would be working with the Digital team to produce content for Overdrive and for podcasts, and although some things that are created exclusively for OD do end up on air (like many of our RAWs), my role is primarily to support So any time I am given the opportunity to be a part of the on-air/production/running-around-a-location world, it’s pretty awesome.

.. But to be honest (at least on the TV side, not necessarily for film), I wouldn’t ever want to just work strictly on location or in post production again without any involvement in the digital side. It’s way more interesting to have a hand in both.


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