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The MySpace effect…

This morning Matt’s package on MySpace suicide aired, and it threw to our MTV News MySpace page. Does that make it finally, like, official? I created the account in (I think) September, it launched in October, and now have over 3,000 friends. Pretty good, considering that for months we didn’t show up in any searches in MySpace.

I remember the days when I was actually saving our friend add emails. Now, every morning my Outlook account is spilling over with add requests, messages, comments, etc.

I can only imagine it will get worse (but better for MTV News) now that we are promoting the page on air. I think the most off putting message we ever received were embeded photos of Britney during her “commando” incident.  That was… gross.

Sometimes even I have to laugh – A part of my job is to be on MySpace all the time, to be informed about popular widgets, to have a general sense of “what’s happenin'” in the MySpace universe.

Weird - but thankfully – fun (most of the time).

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