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Covering the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards: Daniela Thoughts


Tonight I am at work, eastern standard time, prepping the content for MTV’s flipbook on the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards. It’s not done yet so you can check out the “hot off the presses” pre show red carpet action here, thanks to my lovely coworker sitting behind me.

I am lazily live blogging this, as the wire services have yet to post images of people actually walking away with their awards from the podiums so I am sort of killing time until then…

11:02pm – Before you fill your head with my incoherent ramblings, check out this article on early awards coverage

..America Ferrera just won for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy series, and as soon as she got off the stage, she was bombarded with weird inappropriate questions about what did it feel like to “not” be the first choice for her role on Ugly Betty. Talk about raining on someone’s parade! Thanks, Debbie Downers! She responds with, “uhhhh – I didn’t know that but I thank blah blah”, trying to smooth the moment over. Akward! Anyway, I like her on Ugly Betty a lot and feel she deserved to win…. Even if I do think the Golden Globes are the bootleg Oscars.


I’m annoyed that I didn’t write anything about Meryl Streep winning best performance by an actress in a Motion Picture, so here is the transcript from my ongoing chat session with a close friend (referred to as “X” so I don’t get my butt kicked:

x (8:46:51 PM): yes

x (8:46:52 PM): good

x  (8:46:54 PM): meryl

DanielaInfinity (8:47:01 PM): yayayayaay

x (8:47:02 PM): she was luscious

x (8:47:07 PM): devillish

x (8:47:15 PM): i liked that white hair, ice queen look on her

x (8:47:26 PM): ah, she’s wearing a maiden spring outfit

x (8:47:27 PM): hehehe

x (8:48:05 PM): i love how she always says random things when she gives speeches

DanielaInfinity (8:48:14 PM): i know its so endearing… i lerv her

x (8:48:15 PM): it’s so . . . appealing

DanielaInfinity (8:48:20 PM): yup

x (8:48:39 PM): like .. . scatter-brainy but coming from an intelligent place

x (8:48:50 PM): aw, kate winslet ..

x (8:49:24 PM): did you not think naomi watts’ dress was shapeless?

DanielaInfinity (8:49:33 PM): yeah gross

x (8:49:48 PM): maybe you need a waist for an empire waist-type dress

x (8:49:50 PM): or a chest

x (8:49:53 PM): or some shape

x (8:49:56 PM): or something

x (8:50:00 PM): and with that stiff material?

DanielaInfinity (8:50:05 PM): i cant believe you still havent seen a prairie home companion

x (8:50:14 PM): it was just like a heavy curtain

x (8:50:20 PM): well . .  i tried to dl it

x (8:50:28 PM): but it’s not dl-able

DanielaInfinity (8:50:44 PM): i love how meryl is advocating good films

x (8:50:48 PM): aw, she’s saying something nice

x (8:51:04 PM): did you see _sophie’s choice_?

DanielaInfinity (8:51:10 PM): yeah a million years ago

x (8:51:10 PM): she was beautiful in that

DanielaInfinity (8:51:12 PM): i know

x (8:51:19 PM): i never thought she was attractive

x (8:51:24 PM): but she was glowing in that

DanielaInfinity (8:51:32 PM): i fell in love with her though in death becomes her

x (8:51:34 PM): look at angie

DanielaInfinity (8:51:38 PM): not her best film but thats the one for me

x (8:51:46 PM): i’ve never seen it

x (8:51:54 PM): deer hunter

x (8:52:13 PM): what was the movie that made me go . . whoa

x (8:52:19 PM): hmmm

x (8:52:50 PM): maybe silkwood

DanielaInfinity (8:53:10 PM): her worst movie

x (8:53:14 PM): hey, i like _the river wild_

DanielaInfinity (8:53:14 PM): guess her worst movie

x (8:53:19 PM): i don’t know

x (8:53:28 PM): the house of the spirits?

x (8:53:30 PM): was pretty bad

x (8:53:58 PM): goddamn, she’s like in 10 upcoming movies

DanielaInfinity (8:54:01 PM): oh wait no never mind

DanielaInfinity (8:54:05 PM): that was cathy moriarty

DanielaInfinity (8:54:09 PM): in casper

x (8:54:15 PM): cathy moriarity . . she hasn’t been in that many films

DanielaInfinity (8:54:16 PM): heheh mi malo

x (8:54:52 PM): she was angelic-looking though in her youth


I was about to complain that Warren Beatty, Cecil B. DeMille Award winner, won’t shut up, but he just made a very cute comment to his wife Annette – “Thank you for always making me feel like a promising newcomer”…. aw.


Excerpts from Sasha Baron Cohen’s speech (winner for Borat)

“In the making of this film I saw an ugly side of America not normally seen by the light of day – my costar’s anus and testicles… faced with a choice – death or to breathe in the air that had been trapped in a small pocket between his buttocks for 30 years… if it was not for that rancid bubble, i would not be here today.”

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