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wrapping up my first week as a blogger

So nothing particularly exciting happened in my first week as a blogger.

Well… besides Bush deciding to send even more troups to Iraq, which makes me think of all the people I know who have fought in this war, and it saddens me more than I can describe in my puny entry.  I consider my god daughter a blessing in more ways than one – if she hadn’t been born when she was, my best friend could have been sent to Iraq along with her husband. And I have another friend who was deployed, and she came back with a lot of emotional problems…

Before the internet, we didn’t have to think about the consequences of the decisions our government makes on our behalf, because information was so easily hidden. Now there are many resources online to find out what is really going on out there, and what we can do to help.

There is a website/podcast called War News Radio, produced by college students that really gets behind what the mainstream news programs aren’t talking about, including interviews with people in Iraq qho give first hand accounts of their experiences.

You can watch the MTV Overdrive show about War News Radio here as well.  I work for MTV News, and it’s really awesome when issues that the staff care about are aired, such as this one.

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  • DJSlim

    wow, your first week as a blogger. if you haven’t been welcomed to the world of blogging, well welcome. feel free to drop by my blog anytime and feel free to ask any questions. i was once a newbie to blogging and now i run a very succesfull american idol blog. again welcome to blogging.

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