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Blog Love (Until those vids are encoded…)

I “collect” blogs the way kids in the 90’s went nuts about pogs.
I’m not ashamed to admit it – I add feeds to my bloglines account like rss was going out of style.

Often I will read a blog only once, but most of the time I scan about 200+ blogs a day,
like a crazed fisherwoman in a sea of random info.

I often stumble across information that inspires me, and if this didn’t happen on a regular basis I would stop reading so many blogs because as much as I love them, I can freely admit that often a lot of content is just a huge waste of time and doesn’t contribute anything concretely beneficial to the quality of my life. 

But Oh blogs! How I love thee! Let me count the ways:

– You satiate my (up until I discovered RSS) my insatiable need to pack my brain full of (often) interesting and (most of the time) useless information

– You provide me with the opportunity to read (essentially) the same information over and over, but in different voices

- You provide me with rumors presented as facts, that I then immediately report to my friends and family only to be shot down by those who took the time to fact check.

But I keeeeed.

I’m just a little bitter today because here it is, yet another blog entry, not chock full of original Daniela short film content. But! This weekend I am shooting something with my friend, so along with the music video I will have another tasty treat ready to share with the world in the next few weeks….

So yes, favorite blogs. We all know gawker, micropersuasion, brooklynvegan, gothamist, tech crunch, gigaom, wonkette, mashable, etc. But what about the diamonds in the rough?

Without further ado, here are some of my current favorite under the radar (at least, to most everyone I know) blogs:

** and in the process, learn a little about what tickles my brain

*** Feel free to post a link to your blog/blogs you currently love so I  can check them out

My Laundry List O’ Blogs
Pay attention, professionals –or not- in Communication, Marketing and Advertising. These things happen almost every day; sometimes we don’t even notice them. But they’re here to stay. They are verbatims. And yes, they’re REAL. Send your collaborations to
Graffiti in the UK
The Wooster Collective was founded in 2001. This site is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world.
This is the online notebook of Liam McEneaney, as seen on Comedy Central and VH1.
It’s a lot of first drafts, true stories, and false starts.
All material copyright 2002 – 2006
Chicano Literature, Chicano Writers, Chicano Fiction, News, Views, Reviews
The intersection of race and pop culture.
wikiHow is a collaborative writing project to build the world’s largest how-to manual. With your contributions, we can create a free resource that helps people by offering clear, concise solutions to the problems of everyday life. wikiHow currently contains 15,512 articles written, edited, and maintained primarily by volunteers. Please join us by writing a new page, or editing a page that someone else has started.
Stay Informed & Save Time – Your Best Source For Daily Hispanic & Latino News
This goal of this site is to help catalyze and expand a global conversation about how to build better communities and better companies. I’ll post the most current thinking and research on these issues as well advance copies of my own writing. I’ll also post examples of what communities, companies and people are doing around the world. But to be truly successful, we need you to join in and expand this conversation. As a great thinker once said:”Intellectuals have only interpreted the world…the point is to change it.”
Greenpoint Dog Log Blog: One Woman’s Crusade Against Dog Shit
Kiera Butler and Alisa Opar make your daily dose of environmental news taste good.
This blog is written by a guy who works in a videogame store.
This is a blog for a UK company that I stumbled across when googling “cool places to work”. They seem awesome.
Fashion on the streets of NYC
About the interesting promotional items that Variety receives in the mail. Was written by James Hames but is currently on hiatus. — hasn’t been updated since March! 🙁
wherein I rant about all things film and film industry unfit to publish in any official capacity. Email Anthony
Mun2 tasty treats!
Hip hop press releases. Free service, send to: hiphoppress(at)netweed(dot)com
a thoughtful mix of music, music, and some more music
Get the latest headlines from Wired News, the net’s leading chronicle of how technology affects our lives, culture and work.
the broke city dweller –
Comments overheard in DC…
Cardinal Seán shares his reflections & experiences.
Marketing Thoughts
The Root to the Media Revolution
Silicon Valley news about tech money and innovation
The next social revolution
Digital Influence Mapping project: How are we influenced and how do we influence in the digital age. This is an exploration of Digital Influence – mapping it and engaging in it.
cool music videos from
All things widget. Reviews and discussions about widgets, web widgets and badges.
Writing for the long tail of search. An SEO tool usable by any marketing group.
Welcome to the new Big in Japan. Through a unique combination of marketing and technology we help companies leverage social media. Our social media services and tools can make your company Big in Japan. Big in Jersey. Big to all those who matter to you. Big is connection. Big is relationship. Big is success. Get big now!
Jewcy Magazine offers a more satisfying cultural and intellectual diet than the stale cheese blintz buffet offered by traditional Jewish media.
Yesterday’s tomorrow, today.
distilling art and technology
think about it


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