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Welcome, my pretties.

For the first time since, well ever, I went to work before 10am and was welcomed with the overwhelming smell of gas on 42nd & Broadway.  Apparently the entire west side will be stinky for quite some time…

I saw the olfactory sensation Perfume this weekend with friends… I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who plans on seeing this, so let’s say I was traumatized by something that sounds like porgie. There was a porgie in this movie that caused me to lose my sight and sense of reason for a good five minutes. The audience was at first speechless, but soon bursts of teehees and guffaws were popping up all throughout the theater… I still really enjoyed seeing Perfume and even though this will make me sound like some kind of sniffing pervert, I could relate to lead character. I love the way things smell (good and bad) and am often comforted by the lingering scents that loved ones leave behind.

 … The whole point behind starting this blog fyi is to share my video creations and interesting finds I stumble upon. Right now I don’t have any video to share (comp is on the fritz), but will soon, so be patient and bare with me as I orientate myself in this new foray of creative expression and shameless self promotion.

However! Stay tuned for the world premiere (ooo) of the Pistolera music video “Cazador”, that I have been working on for the last few months. I will finish editing it this week and will share it with you (and the world) here as soon as I can, along with a lengthy blog entry on my experience directing/shooting/editing my first music video.

 Until then, wet your whistle on this very shaky clip I shot a month ago at their CD release party (the waitresses kept shoving me out of there way):


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