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@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-09-02

  • I keep coughing & my nose is starting to run. I'm hoping I just swallowed a bug in my sleep because I cannot be sick in SF. Not optional. #
  • some ppl feel intensely about screenshots lmao “@corvida: @dcap I know 😛 That was a little intense though lol” #
  • .@corvida @laurenthedark lmao no, the comment is hilarious – I was sharing it with you both. in reply to corvida #
  • I should probably try to go to sleep if I want to be conscious for @sfzinefest in a few hours … #
  • lol "Jerk" 😉 <3 “@SteveMartinToGo: Evidently, others are awake. But now, I'm asleep.” #
  • Me too 🙂 “@SteveMartinToGo: Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one awake.” #
  • Truth “@freshalina: Good or bad, we attract what we R sometimes. So, if you're constantly complaining about your man not being shit. Well.” #
  • Damnit tweetbot, glitches making my twitter worlds collide #
  • I always end up watching "Friends" reruns when I travel for work. I fucking hate/love this show, just like hot cheetos. #guilt #
  • yeah it happens “@savasavasava: question: presenting the same work and concepts at different conferences – that’s ok?” #
  • "You wanna hear something weird?" Me: "Always" #
  • +1 “@vitawong: Gillian Anderson has only gotten better with age. Like the finest of wines.” #
  • don't tell a baby to stfu!!!! 😉 “@vitawong: STFU, a baby otter. Fluffy perfection.” #
  • wtf lmfao cc @corvida @laurenthedark “@BtooCold87: IF A BITCH POST A SCREEN SHOT OF ANYTHING I TEXT OR DM IMMA POST A PIC OF HER DEAD BODY” #
  • Plus I consider myself nomadic anyway & no 1 place is my home. When the kids arrive I'll need 2 adjust some, but travel will always B a part #
  • 2/2 I actually won't B upset if I have to move to SF in 2013 for family reasons. It'll B ok. I have many friends here & resources, it's cool #
  • omg u guys, i think i'm in love with SF again … the way that i was when i was 18 & wd drive hours each way 2 kick it & absorb culture 1/2 #
  • lmao “@savasavasava: hey Word? you’re an asshole.” #
  • +1 “@freshalina: Every now & then I walk sexy mad like Janet Jackson in Son of A Gun video to my refrigerator. But that's for me 2 know.” #

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