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Hi, I'm Daniela. Welcome to my personal lair on the Internet. This is where I write about storytelling, activism, technology and pop culture. Sometimes I post videos. I update my lair when the mood strikes me. Follow me on Twitter for daily updates (@dcap).

@dcap Twitter Updates for 2012-09-01

  • Nom (@ Acme Burgerhaus w/ 2 others) #
  • .@shananaomi LMAO I had to urban dictionary that. Thanks! You're a bamf teeeew! Enjoy the long weekend too <3 in reply to shananaomi #
  • lol I feel her RT @yayponies "do we have any friends who want to make decisions?" #shitmywifesays #dinnerproblems #
  • In NYC I work @ home+occasionally go 2 the studio. For this SF work trip, I've been supervising 12-18 ppl @ a time. Mantra: "be like water" #
  • My friend last night :"Your energy is very intense." She meant it as a compliment & I took it that way. I am who I am. I'm not passive. #
  • .@anniecolbert I really like your website. Lots of personality 🙂 in reply to anniecolbert #
  • Who's dumb idea was it again in the 90s 2 force kids 2 learn cursive but not computer science? Society is paying for that now. #
  • lmfao “@damnsheDIDthat: the voice my ex uses in his head to read my tweets as he stalks my timeline is probably hilarious.” #
  • Liberal white folks who make fun of #RNC attendees but don't have any real POC friends & are clueless about local POC issues are funny. #
  • +1 “@DearWhitePeople: @Upworthy If anyone is playing @baratunde's #NegroSpotting as a drinking game – they are assuredly okay to drive.” #
  • lmao #rnc “@JasonBerlin: Why would the oceans rise? That’s RIDICULOUS, laughed the people who believe the Red Sea parted.” #
  • #truth #RNC “@billmaher: Who can type fast enough to keep up with all the lies?” #
  • #nowplaying the best thing i've heard on soundcloud in a long time #
  • It has been wonderful to see a bay area friend every day since I've been in NYC. Friday night I'll be at @maxrnr HQ w/ my friend Mariam <3 #
  • .@pennymisandry hiiiiiii! <3 you found me on Twitter! yay! Nice to "see" you 🙂 in reply to pennymisandry #

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